Natural dyein at home

Won't you try casually natural dyeing in your kitchen?
Here is a way to dye with plants easily using ingredients that are near to hand.

When you look around your kitchen, you can find a lot of ingredients that suit for natural dyeing.
There are dried shiitake mushroom, hijiki seaweed, a peel of onion, a garland chrysanthemum, Japanese butterbur, coffee, tea, and so on!With cooking ingredients, you can try dyeing in kitchen without worry, won't you?

Let's try tie-dyeing a silk bandana with oolong tea!

  • Ingredients
    Bandana sized white silk, teabag of oolong tea, chopsticks, rubber gloves, scales, rubber band ,three bowls or pans which are big enough to let the cloth free (enamel, stainless steel), alum (Use as mordant. Burnt alum for making pickles is available)
  • Usage
    1 weight of cloth : 1 weight of oolong tea : 0.1 alum
  • Preparation
    1. Wash the cloth in cold water, after leaving the cloth to soak for overnight in hot water to remove dirt and paste.
    2. Dissolve alum with a half cup of boiling water. (dye mordant)