Material and colors - Suggestion for comfort - Dyeing is a collaboration of material and color.

What cultivates color is thinking tenderly of the material; cloth.

Encounter with a good cloth is the same as encounter with a person. There is a handsome cloth so as to fall in love at first sight, and a cloth slightly looks tough but you will feel affection while getting to know him better.

There are as many clothes as there are stars in the sky, but the cloth which moves people are limited. "A really impressive cloth" is "A comfortable cloth". It is because comfortable cloth is easy to come up with the image of comfortable color. At the moment of encounter with a good cloth, the image of color will be inspired naturally; also the design and conception of use are organized immediately. The inspiration of such an encounter is important for me.

But sometimes there is an exception too. I had met a beautiful silk cloth in Indian Banares more than 15 years ago. It was consisted of twisting various threads, the unclear and shiny texture had a feel like melting and sounds crunchy. As I had never met such a wonderful material, I was so excited to buy it with spending all the money I had without thinking(credit-cards were not available!). It becomes to a poor trip for a cloth, but I came back to Japan with