Aki Suzuki's dyeing class - Technique and knowledge grow sensitivity. Sensitivity will be cultivated by using technique and knowledge practically.

I want you to discover yourself and cultivate your individuality and sensibility through dyeing. It is a dyeing class that started from such a desire. I teach in the way as to cultivate free idea and sensitivity to bring up your own design and sense of color while learning technique.

For those who want to learn dyeing in earnest

This is a full-scale lecture using traditional techniques such as Batik, paste dye, and tie-dye together and arrange them to get the essential dyeing skills including technique, sense of colors, and knowledge about the materials for comprehensive dyeing. It is a private class according to your ability to cultivate original design and sensitivity, also free ideas not seized with only technique.

Seiwa dyeing class "Someiro art studio"

First Tuesday of every month 10:30 - 16:00
Admission permitted any time
Entrance fee 10,500 yen    Tuition fee 18,900 yen (For 3 months)
Other expenses per year 8,400 yen    (All prices include tax)