Material and colors - Suggestion for comfort - Dyeing is a collaboration of material and color.

luxurious feeling like a celebrity. Returned to Japan, I was being satisfied of the beauty while widening the cloth and thinking how to dye it. However, no matter how I thought, no image was inspired. I couldn't feel right even I tried dyeing a piece of that cloth. I was not emotionally accessible with it. Was I deluded by the Indian atmosphere? But the cloth looks still beautiful. I put on the cloth every day and repeated trial and error of it, but finally the expensive cloth was tuck away at the back of chest.
More than five years had passed, one day I had an order from my customer of a wear and scarf to attend the wedding ceremony. "A dress which highlights the scarf looking gorgeous" was the customer's request. The large sized plain gauze was based on brown color tinged with purple and had a white line like a water flows. So what kind of wear would highlight it? I remembered that Indian cloth incidentally. I put out the cloth which was idled for a long time in the back of the chest. Giving a dull luster in the light, I felt as if the cloth was talking to me "OK, It's my turn!" I come up with an idea of "Natural dyeing! Dye it in ombre dyeing with trees and plants! ". The Indian cloth dyed with peels of chestnut was became a dress which was simple but keeping a wonderful texture. "Surely it was waiting for me. The more I wear, the softer the scarf became "as my customer said,