Concept of my work

As for the handwork takes much time, creator's life and sensitivity are put into giving life into it. Sense of breathing is not only feel comfortable when you wear it, but also sensitively capturing the flow of air and expression of lights while just stay and put there. In addition, using it daily will make man and articles blended and will very much alive.
The presence in unused, the comfort in using, and the pleasure of daily using. These are the concepts of my work.

Material I use the well-selected materials from all over the world including the materials which I ordered specially to a weaver of Kiryuu and Ashikaga. Every materials are natural, silk, wool, cotton, hemp, and materials woven in the fiber of pineapple and Japanese linden which are very precious in high originality and texture.
Dye I use natural dye stuffs which are extracted from boiling flowers, leafs, trunks and roots in nature and chemical dye stuffs made from oil together depending on usage.
The colors of natural dye stuffs are tender to make you healed mentally, as the chemical dye stuffs are able to blend colors and bring about the color which creator intends to control.
Natual dyestuff^Chemical dyestuff