Scarf arrangement for gauze - standard size

Plain gauze is a kind of silk leno weaves which is woven up tangled made by tightly twisted three warps and woofs. The power untwisting of thread creates tense string. Aki Suzuki's scarves are original plain gauze woven for exclusive use. As my scarves have tangled thread which makes friction to stop sliding and the tense gives it three-dimensional effect, those who are weak in using scarves can easily enjoy arrangements. In addition, the material is wrinkle-resistant, if you fold a scarf small and keep in a bag, you can use them as a useful supporting player. The scarves I use here are the lawns of basic size (138cm * 38 cm), but the arrangements are able to do with your own scarves, I hope you will find this page informative and helpful.

Wrapping tips

  1. To fix a rectangular scarf beautifully, use the diagonals of the scarf. It comes easy to use; picking up one of four corners to bias the scarf then drew a scarf through your hand.
  2. Tie a loose but secure knot. If you tied properly, it appears beautiful and never falls while you wear.